Music Company


Art Direction. digital. Packaging.

Melbourne based record label, Music Company has a focus on uncovering local artists and providing a platform to shine through the noise.

With a predefined logo and grid element, I was approached to translate these graphic elements into a visual language and identity that could be displayed coherently over an array of weekly mixes, artist releases, event collateral and social media.

Creating a series of universal templates which could be adapted to artists names, imagery and album lengths across both print and digital formats came with its challenges but with an underlying grid and theme of ‘uncovering’, a typographic system was developed that looked to overlay, bleed, blur, wrap and most importantly engage with the audience to provoke discovery.

Developing and challenging the extent of how far you can manipulate both the grid and typographic system have allowed Music Company's identity and visual language to be easily recognised across multiple outputs while always taking a fresh take on the elements themselves.