Mali Bakes


Art Direction. Branding. Packaging.

Bold, bright and playful, Mali Bakes pays homage to the 1950s street corner Milk Bar. But the 'homemade' aesthetic is given a modern flavour. Mali Bakes sought an identity that was informed by Melbourne’s fading facades but it needed to stand out from the norm, challenging common brands of today.

Mali  - the Thai word for Jasmine -  informed much of the identity and was at the forefront of the brand development. The flower motif is present in the bold colourful compositions as a deliberate tie to the visual language of the founders' Thai heritage.

Through Mali Bakes success during covid, they have been able to grow the business into a bespoke cake company which will soon open its doors. With this transition in product the identity is also adapting and slowly being introduced. Keep your eyes peeled.